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Why Asthma Doesn’t Have to Wreck Your Love Life

As a chronic breathing condition, asthma can affect the ability of individuals to perform at their best physically. That, of course, does not just mean in terms of walking or … Continue reading

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Which Asthma Treatments Are Safest?

The US drug manufacturers Glenmark Generics have recalled large batches of Montelukast Sodium tablets which are used to treat chronic asthma and prophylaxis. The Food and Drug Administration has withdrawn … Continue reading

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What Is The Link Between Exposure To Violence And Asthma?

Children who are exposed to violence during their childhood are more likely to develop asthma, according to a new study carried out by the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine … Continue reading

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What Can A Chronic Cough Mean For Your Health?

Coughing is a regular, natural occurrence which chucks out the bad things that get caught in your throat in order to keep breathing in the good. Chronic coughing is when … Continue reading

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How to Stop Your Baby Getting Asthma

New research, funded by the National Health Service in Britain has suggested that if pregnant mothers impose certain dietary restrictions on themselves, they could significantly reduce the chances of their … Continue reading

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Self-Management Programs Improve Life for Asthma Sufferers

Research in America has uncovered that asthma suffers that used self-management programs reduced the amount of times that they had emergency visits and an improved quality of life. By self-monitoring … Continue reading

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How a Slow Breathing Technique is Helping Asthma Sufferers

One of the most debilitating symptoms of asthma is the breathlessness and tightness of chest that comes from the inflammatory breathing condition. Now a new breathing technique has been developed … Continue reading

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Could An Amino Acid Cause Asthma And Obesity?

The relationship between asthma and obesity is a complex one. Is asthma, in part, caused by the typically sedentary lifestyle of those who are obese, or does the lack of … Continue reading

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Poverty and Ethnicity Play Role in Increased Asthma Attacks

Air pollutants are known both to cause asthma and to exacerbate its symptoms in individuals with the serious inflammatory disorder already affecting around 300 million people around the world. New … Continue reading

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