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Could a New Surgery Technique Provide Arthritis Relief?

Arthritis is affecting the wellbeing of more and more young people today, and Hyderabad surgeons have sought to address this problem with a new surgical technique. The High Tibial Osteotomy … Continue reading

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Why Has Arthroscopy Failed to Improve Knee Arthritis?

If you have osteoarthritis, arthroscopic surgery with debridement to “clean up” your arthritic knee is no more beneficial than having Advil or Tylenol and physical therapy. This is according to … Continue reading

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Fitness and Surgery: The Unlikely Team for Combating Cancer

If your wellbeing is damaged by cancer, a new keep fit regime might be last thing on your mind. However, getting in shape for surgery may make all the difference … Continue reading

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What Are The Different Types Of Cancer Surgery?

Going through a cancer scare is one of the most traumatic experiences most of us will meet within life; and this is the case whatever the results may be. When … Continue reading

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