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Arthritic Prayers Answered by New Strand of Gene Therapy

Hope dawns as scientists develop a potent new gene therapy that could potentially end the harrowing troubles of those suffering from arthritis. For some of us, we cringe at the … Continue reading

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How Vitamin D Deficiency Affects Children’s Health

Vitamin D is the ‘sunshine vitamin’. It’s known by this nickname because we can get all of our vitamin D needs from exposure to the sun. While this is fine … Continue reading

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Can Sun Lamps Protect Babies From Osteoporosis?

It’s common knowledge that getting enough exposure to sunlight is very important to the health of our bones. That’s thanks to the fact that sunlight allows our bodies to synthesise … Continue reading

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Sun, Food and Exercise: Natural Ways to Prevent Osteoporosis

Though anyone can develop osteoporosis, if you’re a woman, your wellbeing is more at risk to the brittle bone disease. Osteoporosis especially affects older women, as the lessening of oestrogen … Continue reading

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