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US Ready to Lift Ban on HIV-Positive Organ Donations

The ban on organ donation from HIV positive people in the US is one step closer to being lifted after a vote by a Senate committee in March 2013. The … Continue reading

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Can Bee Sting Prevent Spread of HIV by Destroying Virus?

A chemical found in bee stings could be used to stop the spread of HIV. Melittin is a potent toxin found in bee venom and shown to be able to … Continue reading

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Could You Pass The Salt… And By The Way, I Have HIV

Those who are HIV positive and single have a difficult dilemma ahead of them every time they decide to go on a date: when to disclose their HIV status to … Continue reading

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HIV and TB – Are They Linked And How Can You Tell?

Swaziland currently faces two epidemics in the form of HIV and Tuberculosis – diseases which are affecting 190,000 and 16,000 people respectively. These active and life-threatening diseases affect such a … Continue reading

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HIV-Positive Nebraskan Woman Advocates for Better Sex Ed

Last week, Nebraskan lawmakers met to discuss plans to update the public school system’s sexual education standards. If the legislation goes ahead, each school district’s sexual health classes will be … Continue reading

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How Has HIV affected Sexual Minorities in Namibia?

The rates of HIV and AIDs prevalence of sexual minorities in Namibia is 18.8%. With that in mind, wellness experts and members of gay, lesbian, bisexual, trans-gender and intersex (LGBTI) … Continue reading

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South African HIV Sufferers to Take Less Medications

The South African Health Minister has announced that, as from April next year, HIV patients who are on ARV treatment will no longer have to take three tablets a day, … Continue reading

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Does Lower Income Make You More Likely To Have HIV?

According to the results of a new CDC study, HIV prevalence among heterosexuals with low socioeconomic status was 2.3 percent overall. It was also reported that among the survey participants … Continue reading

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Researchers Unveil Bee Venom as Unlikely Fighter of HIV

It has already been suggested that bee venom can give your anti-ageing wellness a buzz, but a new study has found that one of its components can also improve your … Continue reading

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