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Syphilis: Is It Back and Do You Need To Worry?

It seems as though iPhone applications such as Grindr have fuelled a new syphilis epidemic in the Christchurch community. Sexual health experts are warning that measures need to be taken … Continue reading

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Which Asthma Treatments Are Safest?

The US drug manufacturers Glenmark Generics have recalled large batches of Montelukast Sodium tablets which are used to treat chronic asthma and prophylaxis. The Food and Drug Administration has withdrawn … Continue reading

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Has The Pollution In The UK Spoiled The Beaches?

A new study has shown that the minimum standard for UK beach water quality has dropped, thanks to a rise in the levels of pollution after one of the wettest … Continue reading

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Where Does Welsh Recycling End Up?

A study by the Welsh Government states that a large proportion of the waste collected for recycling in Wales is reprocessed in the North West of the country. The research … Continue reading

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How To Lose Weight With These Supplements

We all know that losing weight is tough and requires a lot of hard work – so, if you can make life a little easier, you should! The first step … Continue reading

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How Hurricane Katrina Has Increased The Risk Of Asthma

With the destruction caused by Hurricane Katrina, many homes were subject to an increased level of mould. As the fifth anniversary of this disaster arrives, asthma associations are urging people … Continue reading

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Kidney Disease: Could Herbal Treatments Be The Cause?

In a new study, it’s been discovered that certain herbal medicines could be linked to kidney disease and some cancers. The results of the study have caused many users of … Continue reading

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Can You Develop Smallpox Through Sex?

In June 2012, a man in San Diego was infected with the vaccinia virus, which is the virus found in the smallpox vaccine, after being in sexual contact with someone who’d recently been vaccinated. … Continue reading

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How Is Emotional And Physical Pain Relief Linked?

New research into the relief we feel from pain, whether it’s stress related or physical, suggests that the psychological mechanisms our bodies go through when pain is removed is known … Continue reading

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