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Breaking The Sexual Stigma in Lebanon

There is a sexual stigma in Lebanon; there is no doubt about that. But it is very much contradicted by the increasing number of visitors to Marsa Sexual Health Center … Continue reading

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Syphilis: Is It Back and Do You Need To Worry?

It seems as though iPhone applications such as Grindr have fuelled a new syphilis epidemic in the Christchurch community. Sexual health experts are warning that measures need to be taken … Continue reading

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How Can You Tell If You Have A Sex Addiction?

It is difficult to spot a sex addiction, as enjoying and having a lot of sex is not uncommon. Generally, we look to social customs to determine how much is normal, … Continue reading

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HIV and TB – Are They Linked And How Can You Tell?

Swaziland currently faces two epidemics in the form of HIV and Tuberculosis – diseases which are affecting 190,000 and 16,000 people respectively. These active and life-threatening diseases affect such a … Continue reading

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Ten Foods That May Kill Your Sex Life

It’s definitely one of those nights – you can tell. From somewhere, whether it’s the suave bar, the mood-filled restaurant or the simple snuggle on the couch, you can tell. … Continue reading

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Man To Have New Penis Built From Forearm

It’s hard to imagine any of us without the appendages that we were born with. For some however, the truth is far stranger than the imagination. Andrew Wardle was born … Continue reading

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Increase Your Sensuality And Improve Your Sex Life

The March equinox is finally here, meaning longer nights and shorter days. While this may mean less time out in the sunshine, it can spell great news for your sex … Continue reading

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Study Shows STIs In Teenagers Have Risen In 3 Years

According to a new report, STIs are on the rise in under-age teenagers – 15,000 cases were diagnosed in the past three years alone, which shows a doubled figure in … Continue reading

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How To Update Your Sex Life For A Happier Relationship

In every relationship there are always quirks and bad habits that affect your partnership – your sex life is no different. Whether it’s being selfish in bed or self-confidence issues, bad … Continue reading

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