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New Bylaw Could Regulate Ruling In Massage Parlours

A new bylaw in Toronto sets out to regulate the ‘rub down’ service which many massage parlours offer – counsellor Peter Milczyn has been quoted as saying that removing these … Continue reading

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How To Cope With Sex After A Hysterectomy

Having a hysterectomy can be necessary for a woman’s physical and sexual health. They are often medically necessary to treat various conditions including cancer, fibroids, endometriosis, and abnormal bleeding. It … Continue reading

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How To Enjoy Sex In Your 70s

The topic of sex amongst senior citizens is a bit of a taboo one. Many people of this age come from a generation where sex is not commonly discussed and … Continue reading

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How Vaginismus Affects The Lives Of Many Women

You may never have heard of vaginismus but is a psychological condition that causes sexual problems for a large number of women across the UK. The condition is characterised by … Continue reading

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