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Breaking The Sexual Stigma in Lebanon

sexual stigmaThere is a sexual stigma in Lebanon; there is no doubt about that. But it is very much contradicted by the increasing number of visitors to Marsa Sexual Health Center in Beirut. Yes, the people of Lebanon are definitely having sex, but the knowledge of sexual health and good sexual practice is not as wide-spread as the act of making love itself.

The sexual taboo is still very much a part of life in Lebanon, but there is also liberal sexual activities going on behind closed doors. It is very common to have sex before marriage but the stigma prohibits people from openly talking about it and even learning the best practices. This is a problem because there is so much to discuss on topic of sex and how to be safe.

However, the silence and the lack of sexual education in schools and other establishments often results in many people missing the essential knowledge they need about sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and contraception. This can lead to diseases and infections being passed on and even unwanted pregnancies.

Young people often think in stereotypes when it comes to practicing healthy sex. For example, if a man looks decent and comes from a good family or has a well-paid job, the woman won’t think it is possible that he might have an STD. Lebanese teenagers tend to think that STDs are only common among criminals, lower class and immigrants and don’t consider it to be a problem in their own homogeneous social group.

The stigma needs to be broken so that more young people can get the education they need, that will ensure they make the right decision in future.


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