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Women Risk Return of Breast Cancer by Stopping Drug Regime

Failing to take medication that will stop <a href="”>breast cancer returning is putting women at risk of dying early. Research in Scotland showed that half of all women prescribed drugs … Continue reading

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Seven Signs: How to Check for Breast Cancer

Checking your breasts for lumps or any unusual signs should be a regular part of your routine. Doing this once a month, and having a yearly check up with your … Continue reading

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Can New Type of Radiotherapy Cut Treatment Time by 80%?

If you have or are at risk to <a href="”>breast cancer, one major wellness decision you have to make is whether or not you keep your breasts. Patients who choose … Continue reading

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Can Environmental Factors Cause Breast Cancer? Study Says No

There is little evidence of a clear-cut relationship between <a href="”>breast cancer and environmental factors. This is according to a new report released by the Institute of Medicine, which is … Continue reading

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How Tamoxifen boosts Breast Cancer survival rates

Cancer Research continues its life-saving work on behalf of women with breast cancer in the release of their latest study at the end of 2012. The biggest cause of breast … Continue reading

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How the Scottish government is fighting for cancer sufferers

Nobody would argue that a cancer diagnosis can be more life-changing than any other experience. Now there are figures to support this, thanks to the Scottish government’s recent ‘detect cancer … Continue reading

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