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Why Can You Still Purchase Deadly Herbal Remedies Online?

When someone mentions herbal remedies, you often think of something natural and gentle, that gives little, if any, benefit to your wellbeing. However, some common Chinese herbal remedies pack more … Continue reading

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Are Breast Cancer Drugs Good Value For Money?

You probably know someone who has suffered with <a href="”>breast cancer. You might even know someone who is suffering with it right now. It’s one of the most common forms … Continue reading

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Post-Cancer Wellness Program Funded by Livestrong at YMCA

The Livestrong Foundation funds cancer wellness programs in the US to help patients return to normal life after being treated with chemotherapy. The program is run at 30 YMCAs around … Continue reading

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How To Lower Your Risk Of Cancer With These Foods

Cancer is a disease which affects the lives of millions of people across the world, and there are various forms which scientists are working to combat. There are many lifestyle … Continue reading

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Should We Take the “Singapore Approach” to Leukaemia?

A new, gentler regimen for treating Leukaemia has been developed using a “Singapore approach”. Leukaemia is the most common form of children’s cancer in the country, but the new method … Continue reading

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Fitness and Surgery: The Unlikely Team for Combating Cancer

If your wellbeing is damaged by cancer, a new keep fit regime might be last thing on your mind. However, getting in shape for surgery may make all the difference … Continue reading

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Breast Cancer Drug Hailed as ‘Biggest Boost since Herceptin’

Doctors have praised Perjeta as the ‘biggest boost since Herceptin’ in <a href="”>breast cancer wellness, as the drug has been shown to cut your chance of dying by a third … Continue reading

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Asians Have Gene That Makes Cancer Drugs Less Effective

There are a number of mysteries in medical science regarding why drugs sometimes work and sometimes don’t. One of those mysteries is, why a number of drugs that work well … Continue reading

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The Hidden Truth About Male Breast Cancer

There is a lot of stigma surrounding male <a href="”>breast cancer, as well as a lack of knowledge and awareness, and this can be one of the biggest factors in … Continue reading

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