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Four Healthy Foods Everyone Should Eat

The best way to maintain a healthy weight is to eat the right foods and take enough exercise. Unfortunately, most people associate healthy eating with bland, boring food and this … Continue reading

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How to Keep on Top of Your Mental Health When at Work

Workplaces can be places of extreme stress, and a very important element of corporate wellness is protecting the mental health of all employees. Statistics have shown that one in six … Continue reading

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What Everyone Ought To Know About Student Sexual Health

Students are known to get the majority of their sexual health advice from their friends or online, and the problem with this is that a lot of that information can … Continue reading

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How Predictive Medicine is Unlocking Future Better Health

Our genetic make-up dictates more than just the colour of our hair or the shape of our noses. The genes we inherit from our parents also shape our health. Advances … Continue reading

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How To Make Healthy Choices In A Digital World

The modern workplace is changing. Instead of sitting in a typical, old-fashioned corporate environment, with desks and chairs and people writing on paper using pens, typical office workers use a … Continue reading

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How To Live With Cancer During The Winter Months

The changing of the season always brings new challenges to those suffering from weak health. Cancer patients are no exception to this, and must be sure to prepare well and … Continue reading

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The importance of collaboration in the fight against cancer

Much of cancer research relies on fundraising and PR events, and these can also provide a good opportunity for collaboration between the greatest minds of our age. November 2012 saw … Continue reading

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