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How to Keep on Top of Your Mental Health When at Work

mental healtha at workWorkplaces can be places of extreme stress, and a very important element of corporate wellness is protecting the mental health of all employees. Statistics have shown that one in six workers struggle with some type of mental health problem, such as anxiety, stress or depression. Many of them do not tell their employees that they are dealing with a mental health problem as they are afraid of how their employer may react to that information.

The best managers, however, are heavily committed to protecting the wellbeing of all their employees, as they realise that a company can only be as strong as the people who work for it. People work best when they feel motivated, confident and focused on the task at hand. In order to be this way, mental health is paramount. By supporting the mental health of all of their employees, employers can help them to fulfill their potential and, therefore, the potential of the business.

A new campaign urges employers to change their attitude towards mental health, trying to make them see it as an issue that is on an equal footing with physical health. In order for this to be achieved, dialogue must be opened up about mental health. It is currently seen as such a taboo subject and people are afraid to really open up discussions around the subject.

Another way that employers can ensure that they protect the mental health of their employees is by ensuring that they have healthy, flexible working conditions and are not put under too much pressure. Flexible working can be a vital part of this, as well as regular one-to-one meetings to ensure that employers are keeping in touch with the needs of their employees and are the first to know about any potential issues that are on the horizon.



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