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The New Fitness Craze That Has Got Everyone On Their Toes

Diabetic Danger! Keep An Eye On Your FeetNicole Damaris is a New York City girl, who likes to keep fit but understands that the daily grind of finding a way to improve fitness can be a bit of a chore. That’s why she’s started an exciting new fitness craze in NYC: the Daily Stiletto workout.

Women of a certain generation who have ever watched the TV show Sex and the City may have marvelled at the way Sarah Jessica Parker’s character, Carrie, is often seen (quite literally) running around town with stiletto heels on, and asked themselves if such a thing could really be possible? This new workout proves that it’s not only possible, it’s actually preferable.

The idea behind the classes is to not only benefit the wellness and wellbeing of the women who attend, but to create some fun and inspiration at the same time – a refreshing change from the usual boring workouts at the gym. Women don high heeled shoes and then take part in a demanding and fun workout whilst wearing the shoes.

The 30 minute class has recently been attended by Bethenny Frankel, a 42 year old single mother who has created a whole new line of dietary supplements. Involving squats, high kicks and lunges, the class is intended to help improve balance and tone up the calf muscles, whilst also improving overall fitness with a good cardiovascular workout.

Wearing stiletto heels adds a bit of fun and glamour to the workout, and the fact that it is only 30 minutes long makes it manageable and helps to maintain the interest. Bethenny is not somebody who usually believes in workouts, but did find this particular workout beneficial and fun.


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