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How To See Success From Your Workout Regime

Are You Making The Five DRAWS Of Fitness MistakesExercise is important for a healthy body and maintaining a balanced weight, but often it can be difficult to know whether you’re choosing the right forms of exercise for your goals or whether you’re even exercising enough. In order to get the body and fitness level you’re looking for, you need to know how to work out effectively in order to get the most from your regime. Here are some changes that you should make to your regime in order to get maximum results.

The plank is a great toning exercise and if you do it correctly it can become a whole body workout. Begin on your elbows and toes, squeezing your heels together and pushing them towards the floor. As you do this, straighten your thighs and grip the floor with your fingers, breathing deeply. You should feel this in the majority of your muscles – hold this for at least ten seconds before relaxing.

Most people confuse quantity with quality, but if you’re doing the moves correctly then you shouldn’t be able to do as many of them. A more intense action will provide you with better results than doing something for half the intensity, twice as much. Focus on achieving the maximum effect from each exercise you do, rather than trying to cram in as many reps as you can.

Aim for exercises that get you moving – a lot of people spend a lot of their workout sitting down, whether it’s on the leg extension machine, exercise bikes or rowing machine. Try mixing up your workout more, perhaps by interjecting your gym sessions with an aerobic class or swimming session.

Keep a record of your workouts and your improvements – if you don’t keep a log of how your body is changing, you won’t be able to see where you need to improve and which exercises are proving to be effective. A journal of your achievements also serves as a great motivator on days were you may not have reached your goal. You can simply look back on a week where you did well which will serve as an incentive.

Finally, consistency is key so make sure you keep up your workouts. If you give up at the first hurdle, your body will never change. You need to work out regularly in order to see results and make improvements.


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