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Wilko Johnson refuses cancer treatment after last diagnosis

Cancer treatments can be just as bad, if not worse, than the disease itself. It can leave people washed out and weakened, sapping any energy they might have had and ultimately making what could be their last few days or weeks unbearable. In cases where a recovery is very likely then that’s acceptable, what’s a little suffering in return for getting your life back after all? However, in late stage cancer it’s unlikely to make much of a difference and those patients who find themselves in this situation sometimes decide to accept their death with dignity, they refuse the destructive treatments and instead try and live their last few months of health as fully as they can.

Wilko Johnson, guitarist for pub-rock band Dr. Feelgood in the 70’s and more recently, Ser Ilyn Payne on Game of Thrones, is one of the few who’s decided to go out with all the grace he can.
The musician/actor was diagnosed with late-stage terminal pancreatic cancer and instead of taking treatment for the tiny possibility of survival it would give him; he’s decided to enjoy his last few months instead.
Johnson’s intention is to do some last touring, play some gigs and record a live DVD of him performing at the last gig he ever plays. Doctors have given him a few months of relatively good health in which the cancer won’t affect him, meaning he should be able to live out his last ambitions. He’s in good spirits and at 65 feels he’s lived a long and exciting life. In a recent interview he was very thankful to fans and supporters saying without them his life wouldn’t have been such a ‘full and eventful experience’.

Musical fans and the new legion of fans his appearance on the TV series, Game of Thrones has gleaned him are sure to mourn this loss but at least Johnson’s picking his own way out. A brave and dignified exit to a full and influential life.


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