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Challenges Faced By Cancer Patients During the Winter

Cancer sufferers should be wary of their weakened state of health, and this is especially the case when undergoing chemo- or radio- therapy. No amount of precaution is too much, as there is no need to expose your wellness to any extra risk. Cancer patients are well advised to pay scrupulous attention to their health and wellbeing at the changing of the season, as winter weather brings increased risk in the form of cold and influenza.


Most cancer patients are advised to take a flu vaccination to minimise the risk to their already weakened health. The flu vaccine takes the form of a simple injection which trains the body’s immune system to recognise harmful impostors, such as flu viruses. In this way, the body cures them before they can become symptomatic. The flu vaccine should be taken every year in order to maintain a regular boost to the immune system. It is also advisable for friends and family to take it, in order to build a solid wall of protection around the cancer sufferer.


As mentioned, the flu vaccine is nothing to worry about, and will seem like a walk in the park after the debilitating process of chemotherapy. There are four alternatives to consider, according to your precise needs.


Regular flu vaccine – the most straightforward version of the vaccine is injected into the muscle of your arm. Because the regular vaccine does not contain the live version of the virus, this method is thought to be appropriate for cancer sufferers.

Intradermal flu vaccine – only recently made available, this version of the vaccine is injected into the skin instead of the muscle, thus utilizing a smaller needle than before. The intradermal flu vaccine is for use in adults only.

High-dose flu vaccine – the high-dose type of flu vaccine was specifically designed for the elderly. Those of 65 years or over will benefit from a better immune response, and in turn get superior flu protection.

Nasal spray vaccine – with this method, the vaccine is delivered directly into the nostril, and contains a weaker form of the live virus. This method is not recommended for cancer patients.


Be sure to talk to your doctor about getting a flu vaccine around the beginning of autumn. This will mean you are benefitting from a strengthened immune system by the time winter hits. Your body takes two weeks to produce the antibodies provoked by the vaccination, so give your system plenty of time to get prepared. Combine this strategy with good hygiene and be sure to guard against the cold to preserve your wellbeing throughout the winter months.


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