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Breast Cancer Preventative Treatments Unveiled

Breast cancer is a killer. It’s one of the most common kinds of cancer in the world and is responsible for countless deaths throughout last few decades alone. A lot of time, effort and research into put into combating cancer in general every year and there are many different charities dedicated to just that. Women are more at risk of breast cancer and as such most charity campaigns are aimed at attaining their support. The fact is men can get it too and a man who has watched his wife or partner deal with the disease is just as likely to support the charity as a survivor is.

Now, we’ve got some good news. In a recent decision which is set to turn the world of cancer treatment on its head, the NICE organisation has recently released a recommendation for preventative medication for breast cancer in high risk groupings. Which, in non-scientific language, means that those ladies who are more likely to get breast cancer (generally those genetically predisposed and with a family history) will have several drugs offered to them. Research has been released which shows those drugs halve the chance of contacting this terrible disease when taken over the period of around five years. Potentially this could save lives and it’s a great example of being able counter a condition by targeting it early!

In the past a lot of ladies who had survived or were at high risk of getting breast cancer opted to have them removed entirely. A double mastectomy massively lowered a woman’s risk of getting breast cancer but is an incredibly intense procedure which never entirely removed the danger.

With this new treatment being rolled out and the positive studies which have shown it to be a potent preventative measure, the hope is that ladies won’t have to act so drastically in the future!

We’ll keep an eye on this story as it progresses and let you know any updates. Exciting times ahead for the treatment and prevention of cancer!


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